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Acne and Self Esteem

Whether you’re dealing with breakouts as an adult for the first time or it’s something you’ve struggled with for years, acne can really wreak havoc on your self esteem. 

It’s tough enough growing up today without piling acne on top of all the other things kids have to worry about.  I remember how cruel kids were during my own high school years and I can’t imagine that kids are any nicer in today’s society.  I have often wondered what the long term impacts of teenage acne were.  I mean, just because the acne lesions have healed that doesn’t mean there isn’t any more scaring right? 

At is most critical time, adolescent self esteem can be nearly destroyed by acne. Typical peer pressures are tough enough to deal with, but imagine begin asked to cope with all of that with a damaged exterior appearance as well…

Adolescent acne can drastically alter the life path of its victim. Consider this: do you think you would have married or dated the same person if you had been struggling with a severe case of acne?  Maybe, maybe not, but it certainly would have an affect on how you approach the whole matter.

Ever wonder what would have been the fate of that sexy news anchor had she been forced to deal with a lifetime of acne scars on her face instead of her near perfect complexion?  I can tell you this much, she wouldn’t be making 6 figures working the sidelines of football games.  Many acne sufferers are effectively barred from profressions where appearance is important.

The signs of low self esteem for people struggling with acne include paying too much attention to personal appearance, lack of confidence, blaming things on themselves, emotionally confusion and depression.  

If you or a friend suffer from acne (or has in the past) watch for these signs and, if you notice them, seek the help they need to move past the long lasting effects of adolescent or adult acne.


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