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Laying the Foundation

Sometimes, it feels like finding the right foundation for my sometimes dry, always sensitive, acne prone skin will be a never ending search.

 So, for once, I decided to bypass the internet and go straight to some word of mouth advice. The mouths in question happen to belong to three of my closest girlfriends. The question: what makeup do you use to keep you looking pretty and blemish free?

 Here’s a look at what my gal pals have to say. Oh, and keep in mind that I’m not shamelessly promoting one brand over another—I’m just sharing what they told me. I’d love to hear feedback on any or all of these foundations as I begin the agonizing search for the right brand for me.


Neutrogena Skin Clearing Foundation works best for my former college roommate. According to her, it glides on pretty smoothly. And although it didn’t get rid of all of her acne she has been happy with her overall results. The foundation is oil free and contains 0.5% Salicytic Acid so that’s a big plus.


My boyfriend’s sister swears by Bare Minerals. I have to admit, this is a foundation that I have been dying to try for myself. But not everyone is as enthusiastic as Kelly Jo.  It seems that some women report developing cystic acne after long term use of this. As far as I can tell (and I am not a dermatologist) since the mineral foundations are so fine, they may actually settle into your pores—clogging them and making acne worse. However, proponents of Bare Minerals say that as long as you remember to deep cleanse your face at least once a week, you should be just fine.


Mary Kay Medium works for her.  The only drawback she mentioned was that she still has the occasional breakout with it. She said she likes the way it feels on: not too heavy and it doesn’t leave her skin feeling oily.

 Every woman’s face is different, so what works for me or one of my friends may not work for you. Stay tuned to upcoming posts on what types of foundation works best for specific skin types!


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