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Prescription Acne Creams: What are Your Options?

When it comes to treating your acne with an Rx, you have to be pretty cautious of what you choose to slather upon your delicate skin. Prescription acne creams can actually make your condition worse if you aren’t careful and that’s NOT what you need when your face is overrun with zits. Think of finding the right prescription acne cream in the same vein as finding the right guy for a weekend get-a-way: Run a quick background check and call your b-f-f before you pack a single bag.

So what exactly are your options when it comes to this type of acne treatment?

Azelaic Acid-a saturated dicarboxylic acid found in wheat, rye and barley. I love treatments originating in nature. Consumer reviews include: less irritation that Benzoyl Peroxide and zits that cleared relatively quickly following initial use. AA may be itchy at onset of treatment. Some people also say it can be a bit greasy feeling, which can be difficult for some to use underneath makeup. But the real downside may be its effect on your pocketbook, as the cost can be prohibitive. 

Tarzarotene-It’s a retinoid, so you probably already know the deal. Although it will keep the skin’s pores clean it may also cause dry, red and flaking skin. Don’t use if you are pregnant, and if you are sexually active you might want to make sure you’re using an effective contraceptive due the the risk of birth defects in women using it. Of the prescription strength retinoids available, this is considered the strongest. 

Clindamycin-Long hailed for its success in the battle against acne, this semi-synthetic antibiotic cream is a great option. Side effects of use may include dry and irritated skin.  This antibiotic is also used to treat dogs, cats and ferrets. Some patients report occasional barking or meowing outbursts . Okay, just kidding about the animal noises.

Remember that because all of us have different skin types, what works for your best friend may not work for you. Trust your dermatologist to help you find the right choice. Ask about the full range of prescription acne creams available. Soften the blow acne delivers with a little research and some good advice from your doctor.


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