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Waxing Philosophical

Ever feel like you take one step forward and two steps back when it comes to trying to maintain your fresh look?

 I get my eyebrows waxed only to wind up having the wax aggravate my skin and voila! Presto: Pimples all along my brow line. I tell you there are some days I want to give up and just live life as a giant pustule. Ok, I am too beautiful for that are so are you. Here are some tips to avoid giving into the dark side:

 An Ounce of Prevention

 Clean, clean, clean your skin. Exfoliate the skin on and around the eyebrow before you head to the salon. You’ll remove whatever dead skin is ready to clog your pores, thus reducing the chances of a post waxing breakout.

 If you are waxing at home make sure you keep your wax pot fresh. Avoid using the same wax stick more than once. Using sticks more than once can introduce bacteria to the wax and then to your face. 

 Find a good pre-waxing cleanser (I was surprised such a thing existed) and scrub that pretty face of yours.

 After You’ve Waxed

 Wash your face again. Anytime you do anything to your face, wash it immediately after. You’ll rid your face of any excess product that may have been left behind ready to clog your pores.

 Avoid strenuous activity leading to sweating. This means no trips to the fitness club for a butt busting workout after you’ve had a waxing. 

 Exfoliate your skin the following day as long as there isn’t any redness, tenderness or residual swelling.  No need to add to the trauma your skin just experienced.

 If you take the time to do a little legwork before your eyebrow work you might just be fortunate enough to avoid a breakout.


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  1. makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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