To Tone or Not to Tone?

Like most women, my face takes a bit of a beating on most days. If it’s not makeup, its stress, or the weather, or the office air conditioner… well, you get the idea. I do my best to keep my skin looking as fresh as I can, but let’s face it—it’s not always easy. Last week at lunch, one of my girlfriends asked me what type of toner I used. I had to do a bit of a mental tap dance because I had no idea what she was talking about.

I did my best to look like the smart girl I am and said I usually use “HP toners”, unless the office store is out of them. My girlfriend about fell out of her chair laughing at me. As she pulled herself back into an upright position, she looked at me and said, “Skin toner girl, not printer toner!”.

OH! Well, I don’t. I mean… it’s not really necessary, is it?

And so my googling began.

Apparently there is a toner made for just about every skin type. (Who knew?) All of them are designed to do much the same things: cleanse your skin and shrink your pores, helping you to battle acne in the process.

Skin bracers are toners that help keep the moisture in your skin near the surface. Keeping your skin moist is one of the key elements of healthy looking skin. The most common example of a skin bracer is rosewater. Skin bracers are generally also free of alcohol. If you have dry, normal, or sensitive skin grab the rosewater and your skin will thank you.

Astringents and the most powerful and potent of the skin toners. They contain high levels of alcohol, antiseptic and water. If you suffer from oily skin this is the toner that can help you. You’ll want to be extra careful and not use them too much or for too long. Since they’ll dry up a lot of the oils on your skin they run the risk of drying too much of those oils and forcing your pores to create more oil to compensate the loss.

Skin tonics are a little bit stronger than skin bracers and not quite as strong as astringents. Best use of skin tonics are on people with normal, combination or with oily skin.

So there we have it. Now… should I go for it or not?


A Dash of Oregano

So who among us hasn’t heard some really “out there” ideas for treating their acne?

There was the lady from my mother’s bridge club who suggested that I use a mix of water and cornstarch as a peel. It didn’t work out so well, if you are wondering. I wound up with a terrible rash on my face for the better part of a week and ultimately found my way to the doctor’s office.

Then there was the time my friend Becky thought that maple syrup would make for the perfect solution. She reasoned that the sugar in the syrup would crystalize on my skin and keep my pores from secreeting oil. It seemed like a really good idea right up until I pointed out that it would block my pores and cause a massive breakout. Becky and I don’t talk much these days. I wonder why?

So you can imagine my reaction when I heard that there was an actual application for oregano oil in the treatment of acne. No, I’m not talking about sprinkling your face with the stuff in the packets at your local pizza joint. There are apparently two ingredients (Carvacrol and Thymol) that make it ridiculously good for your skin. So where does one find this latest and greatest acne treatment?

You’ll want to take a trip to your local health food store and pick up some Wild Oil of Oregano. There are various types of the oil out there, but all research points to the wild stuff as the best for destroying bacteria.

Drop two drops of the oil into a small bottled container and mix it with approximately 8 ounces of water. Once you have done this wash your face with the mixture. You’ll want to do this at least a couple of times a day. Do not rinse your face afterward.

You can apply the solution to your face on just the affected areas if your acne doesn’t cover your entire facial area. In this case use a cotton ball and dab the mixture on the areas where your acne appears.

As with everything you try to combat your acne, consult your doctor before beginning any new treatments.

Ok folks, has anyone tried this? If so, how’d it work out for you?

Sensitive Me…

Might I indulge in a moment of poor me?

Here’s the deal. It’s been tough on me having to deal with this whole adult acne thing. Add to that the fact that I have sensitive skin and it’s just not fair. Waaa…

Ok, now that I’ve thrown myself a pity party, let’s move on to trying to get some answers, shall we? Because I’m sure many of you are struggling with this same delightful combination. The toughest part, at least for me, is trying to find the best products and acne solutions.

When it comes to choosing the best option for taking care of this type of skin, there are several to choose from. Here’s a look at some of the most popular:

Salicylic Acid-This little gem slows down acne by slowing down your shedding of skin cells. It also does a number on blackheads and whiteheads. If you are allergic to simple aspirin you migth want to skip this one since salicylic acid is the active ingredient in asprin.

Benzoyl Peroxide-There is little doubt about the acne prevention qualities of benzyol peroxide. BP wipes out germs that cause pimples, keeping them from ever reaching the surface of your skin. It is also great for reducing the amount of oils available to generate pimples in the first place. All in all BP is death on zits. Again, you’ll want to be cautious with your usage. Too much BP can dry out your skin and create other problems for your sensitive little skin.

Hypoallergenic soap-free wash-Using a gentle cleanser of this type is great for sensitive skin in particular. You’ll want to use products that are not going to irritate your skin anymore than it already is with the acne.

Did You Miss Me?

Hello Readers!

Ok, so I take it that you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been MIA for a little bit. No, I did not fall off the face of the Earth. (Nor was I nursing a broken heart, as one reader suggested. My wedding is still on, and plans are progressing nicely)

No, my darlings the truth is simply that I have been under the weather for a bit, and needed to take some time to recuperate. But fear not, my faithful followers! (Please, tell me that there are faithful followers out there somewhere…) I have returned, and am feeling much better.

You know what this means, don’t you? YES! It’s time for adult acne facts, skin care tips, and an assorted lot of information to titillate and amuse you. All delivered with a dash of sarcasm and a pinch of wry humor, of course.

So, as I get my busy little fingers back to work, flying tirelessly across the keyboard, I just have to ask if there is anything in particular you guys would like to know more about? Moisturizer quandaries? Toner topics? Butt acne?

And don’t worry, I’ll keep everyone in the loop when it comes to wedding plans, too. Whether you like it or not, you’re all invited into my hectic world once again!