You’re SHEET-ING Me!

Well, I’ve finally figured out where my sister-in-law-to-be’s pimples are coming from. Call me the Sherlock Holmes of acne—because I have nailed it–her PILLOWCASES!! Yeah. When was the last time you changed your sheets?( I once caught ringworm from an old boyfriend’s sheets—he hadn’t changed them in months. True story. He’s not in the picture, anymore, for obvious reasons.)

Ok. Pillowcases and sheets—you lay on them every night. So for 5-8 hours, you sweat on them, your hair oils (dirty or not) accumulate for hours. Then you do it all over again the next night. The point is simple; you’re lying in funk every night for hours. The oil from your face (you sweat in your sleep) soaks in, along with the oil from your hair, and it all sits under your pretty lil face.

What should you do? Well, I have about 3 sets of sheets. This way you will always have a fresh sheet in the rotation, one in the laundry, in the linen closet and on the bed. I change my sheets/pillowcases weekly, and I try not to get into bed “dirty”. Start changing your sheets and pillowcases more often and you will see a difference—that’s a promise.



Put Down the Sports Drinks—or Else.

With all of this working out, I’ve been more creative with my Gatorade choices. The purple one is my fave. Well, as it turns out, they aren’t so great. For your body or your skin. This new trainer told me to skip the sports drinks while I’m toning up if I want to avoid breakouts.

If you’re like me, I reach for a Gatorade after a killer workout or a “rough night”. These drinks have the sodium and potassium that your body needs when you get overheated, BUT, they also contain astronomical levels of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, glucose and fructose. And sugar, of any kind, can and will override any skin treatment efforts.

Sugar harms my skin? Yes. See, if you have a rise in blood sugar, it sticks to the collagen, making the skin very stiff and inflexible. If this happens, you’re looking at more dryness in your skin as well as deeper wrinkles and premature aging. Yikes. But, it gets worse: the internal inflammation can cause deterioration of the brain and heart.


But wait…there’s more. The artificial flavoring and coloring are another issue. Those drinks aren’t purple and green from actual food. Yeah. Drop the PowerAde and stick with the water.

Stop Talking: You’re Giving Me Pimples

Life is SUPPOSED to be easier than ever, more convenient. Well, someone should tell my skin. Yeah, MAJOR breakouts today. I woke up to overworked, dull skin with some eruptions that defy the laws of time and space. I haven’t done anything different; I’m assuming it is the stress of my “I Take on Too Much” lifestyle.

So you’re tellin’ me that stress is screwing up my skin? I don’t get it. Well, “professionals” have proved a link between acne and stress. This is because your stress hormones will skew your balance, leading to weight gain, high blood pressure and pimples. Cool. If I don’t “slow down” I will be packing on pounds AND enjoy some new zits. Neat.

I guess this is where I tell you what I’ve been doing to lower my stress…this is my new “program”. I’m going to start doing the OPPOSITE of what my evil lil brain tells me. If that brain is whispering “OREOS”, I’m going to work out. I’m going to zone out more, massages, yoga’s and anything else that flips the “off” switch. But I will be beginning ASAP.  And SLEEP. I am going to sleep. Probably right now. Toodles!


Random Blackheads: What Now?

So, I was talking to my fiancé’s sister yesterday. We got to talk about wedding stuff and then she told me about a really interesting skin issue. I’ve never heard of it, but I’m not a doctor, maybe if you’re going through the same stuff, it could help.


Ok, she has super dry and flaky skin.  She’s had it ever since she was a kid. She also has a problem with blackheads, not on her face but on her arms and all over her legs. Of course she’s tried every type of body scrub or soap and she can’t get rid of them. It’s made her a little shy, which is not like her at all In addition to having these bumps, she picks at them, and so she has scars.


I did a little research today, if you’re going through the same deal—dry and flaky skin with blackheads about the arms and legs—listen up. Ok, if you are picturing dry/flaky skin, you’re probably assuming that it just needs moisturizing. Well, actually the opposite is true. I tell you what I told her, wash up, rinse really well and hit it with a toner. (Toner is pretty good stuff, it works to clean any residue after washing.) Then you can throw on some moisturizing. If we’re talking about blackheads, it means there are clogged pores. I’m a broken record—but you have to EXFOLIATE to get the dead skin out of the equation.


Cheap and Easy: Homemade Exfoliation Recipes

Ok, this exfoliation thing is still on my mind. I just had a very heated conversation with a girlfriend—mainly about cost and harshness of the scrubs and treatments.  You want cheap and easy scrubs to help your skin? I will give you my top TOP-secret recipes for the best scrubs. These are the “once-a-weekers”. These scrubs are the ones that will slough off those dull, ugly dead skin cells.

Are you ready? Got your pencils? Yeah, this is complicated–coffee grounds and olive oil. Start with the coffee grounds (I would assume that fresh would work better.) You make a paste and get to massaging. Coffee grounds are great because of their uniform size and shape–it’s not smashed walnut shells that can be ragged and oddly sized. The caffeine in the coffee works topically to perk up your skin, it constricts swelling while antioxidants soothe. Olive oil has been used on the skin for YEARS. It is an incredible moisturizer as well as a “sealer”. It soaks in, moisturizing, leaving a barrier against free radicals.

Baking Soda is a great scrubber: just a little with some water until you get a workable compound. The powder is so fine; it’s like a tiny little buff session.

I have a recipe for body scrub, but you can use it on your mug when you really have some build up. Sugar and lemon juice. Yeah. I would say grab the raw sugar; the granules are a little bigger, more organic. Squeeze some lemon juice into a small bowl; add the sugar until you get a workable paste. This stuff is a little weird to work with; it can be hard to get it to spread. Just work in small areas and go slow. Depending on the area you are covering, you may need to use more. This stuff is amazing–it is the best pre-summer skin regiment.

So, ok. There they are. The best and probably cheapest recipes for exfoliating treatments.



Exfoliation–How Much is Too Much?


How much it too much? I don’t have particularly thick skin, it isn’t way too oily or too dry, and so how much exfoliation do I need? I went in for a facial a few days ago, the over-excited Este (she’s not my regular facial chick), asked me how often I scrub my face. Well, I told her the truth—daily. I scrub with a top of the line scrub once a day, in the morning. She replied with a really phony surprise, “ohhhh that’s WAY too much.”

Let’s get a hold of ourselves. Like I said, I don’t have rough patches, there’s no raw redness, and so how is this too much exfoliation? And further, what’s the magic amount? People will tell you once a day, once a week, once a month. Here’s what I do know, as we “grow” up, our skin cell turnover starts to slow down…and it gets slower as we go on. I always considered exfoliating the skin was like sanding your coffee table. You have to keep that top layer of wood fresh and even, the knicks and patches get smoothed out with a good scrubbin’. Now, I’m not saying you need a ban saw for your face. You need something with a very refined grit, spend the money because it’s worth it. You can do it manually or you can do it chemically, either way. Be really careful with the chemicals. (Remember Kim Cattrall on the red carpet? Her face looked like a medium rare filet mignon.) Just…be careful.

You need to reveal that new skin under your dead, shedding outer layer. Feel it out. If you have really bumpy acne, ease up, try to go around it. If the exfoliating hurts your face—yeah, pain is obviously not the goal, here. I say keep scrubbin’, baby. I say be aware of your skin and what it needs. If it feels too tight, a lil dab more of moisturizer. If it’s too oily, grab a swipe of toner here and there.

The point is—scrub according to what your skin tells you.


An Open Letter to Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is the only female and/or solo performer to go six-time platinum on iTunes–Just Dance was a monster hit. But…Am I alone when I wonder what Lady Gaga’s deal is? We GET it, Gaga, you’re a performance artist. You’re over the top–a cartoon. BUT. You’re starting to look like a goofball. The egg at the Grammy’s, the horned face on that morning show…Too much “crazy” and people will just give up on trying to “get” it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Gaga. I am a little monster. However, I think it is so insincere how people tell her how great she looks all the time, that they love what she’s wearing, how she’s so beautiful, yadda yadda. If I showed up for work with a meat dress on, people wouldn’t tell me that I looked great. They would ask me if I was having a nervous breakdown. (Sure, I am not a singer with paparazzi, ya got me there.)

Lady Gaga, if you’re reading this, relax,  get a hold of yourself. You’re awesome. No one will out-do you, out-crazy you or out-wardrobe you. Ever. You’re gorgeous–I’ve seen you’re “before” pictures. You’re insanely talented and creative. Could you just turn down the crazy to like, an indoor voice of crazy?

I will still keep buying your music and watching your every move in the mean time. smooches