Cheap and Easy: Homemade Exfoliation Recipes

Ok, this exfoliation thing is still on my mind. I just had a very heated conversation with a girlfriend—mainly about cost and harshness of the scrubs and treatments.  You want cheap and easy scrubs to help your skin? I will give you my top TOP-secret recipes for the best scrubs. These are the “once-a-weekers”. These scrubs are the ones that will slough off those dull, ugly dead skin cells.

Are you ready? Got your pencils? Yeah, this is complicated–coffee grounds and olive oil. Start with the coffee grounds (I would assume that fresh would work better.) You make a paste and get to massaging. Coffee grounds are great because of their uniform size and shape–it’s not smashed walnut shells that can be ragged and oddly sized. The caffeine in the coffee works topically to perk up your skin, it constricts swelling while antioxidants soothe. Olive oil has been used on the skin for YEARS. It is an incredible moisturizer as well as a “sealer”. It soaks in, moisturizing, leaving a barrier against free radicals.

Baking Soda is a great scrubber: just a little with some water until you get a workable compound. The powder is so fine; it’s like a tiny little buff session.

I have a recipe for body scrub, but you can use it on your mug when you really have some build up. Sugar and lemon juice. Yeah. I would say grab the raw sugar; the granules are a little bigger, more organic. Squeeze some lemon juice into a small bowl; add the sugar until you get a workable paste. This stuff is a little weird to work with; it can be hard to get it to spread. Just work in small areas and go slow. Depending on the area you are covering, you may need to use more. This stuff is amazing–it is the best pre-summer skin regiment.

So, ok. There they are. The best and probably cheapest recipes for exfoliating treatments.




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