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Exfoliation–How Much is Too Much?


How much it too much? I don’t have particularly thick skin, it isn’t way too oily or too dry, and so how much exfoliation do I need? I went in for a facial a few days ago, the over-excited Este (she’s not my regular facial chick), asked me how often I scrub my face. Well, I told her the truth—daily. I scrub with a top of the line scrub once a day, in the morning. She replied with a really phony surprise, “ohhhh that’s WAY too much.”

Let’s get a hold of ourselves. Like I said, I don’t have rough patches, there’s no raw redness, and so how is this too much exfoliation? And further, what’s the magic amount? People will tell you once a day, once a week, once a month. Here’s what I do know, as we “grow” up, our skin cell turnover starts to slow down…and it gets slower as we go on. I always considered exfoliating the skin was like sanding your coffee table. You have to keep that top layer of wood fresh and even, the knicks and patches get smoothed out with a good scrubbin’. Now, I’m not saying you need a ban saw for your face. You need something with a very refined grit, spend the money because it’s worth it. You can do it manually or you can do it chemically, either way. Be really careful with the chemicals. (Remember Kim Cattrall on the red carpet? Her face looked like a medium rare filet mignon.) Just…be careful.

You need to reveal that new skin under your dead, shedding outer layer. Feel it out. If you have really bumpy acne, ease up, try to go around it. If the exfoliating hurts your face—yeah, pain is obviously not the goal, here. I say keep scrubbin’, baby. I say be aware of your skin and what it needs. If it feels too tight, a lil dab more of moisturizer. If it’s too oily, grab a swipe of toner here and there.

The point is—scrub according to what your skin tells you.



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