Random Blackheads: What Now?

So, I was talking to my fiancé’s sister yesterday. We got to talk about wedding stuff and then she told me about a really interesting skin issue. I’ve never heard of it, but I’m not a doctor, maybe if you’re going through the same stuff, it could help.


Ok, she has super dry and flaky skin.  She’s had it ever since she was a kid. She also has a problem with blackheads, not on her face but on her arms and all over her legs. Of course she’s tried every type of body scrub or soap and she can’t get rid of them. It’s made her a little shy, which is not like her at all In addition to having these bumps, she picks at them, and so she has scars.


I did a little research today, if you’re going through the same deal—dry and flaky skin with blackheads about the arms and legs—listen up. Ok, if you are picturing dry/flaky skin, you’re probably assuming that it just needs moisturizing. Well, actually the opposite is true. I tell you what I told her, wash up, rinse really well and hit it with a toner. (Toner is pretty good stuff, it works to clean any residue after washing.) Then you can throw on some moisturizing. If we’re talking about blackheads, it means there are clogged pores. I’m a broken record—but you have to EXFOLIATE to get the dead skin out of the equation.



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