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Stop Talking: You’re Giving Me Pimples

Life is SUPPOSED to be easier than ever, more convenient. Well, someone should tell my skin. Yeah, MAJOR breakouts today. I woke up to overworked, dull skin with some eruptions that defy the laws of time and space. I haven’t done anything different; I’m assuming it is the stress of my “I Take on Too Much” lifestyle.

So you’re tellin’ me that stress is screwing up my skin? I don’t get it. Well, “professionals” have proved a link between acne and stress. This is because your stress hormones will skew your balance, leading to weight gain, high blood pressure and pimples. Cool. If I don’t “slow down” I will be packing on pounds AND enjoy some new zits. Neat.

I guess this is where I tell you what I’ve been doing to lower my stress…this is my new “program”. I’m going to start doing the OPPOSITE of what my evil lil brain tells me. If that brain is whispering “OREOS”, I’m going to work out. I’m going to zone out more, massages, yoga’s and anything else that flips the “off” switch. But I will be beginning ASAP.  And SLEEP. I am going to sleep. Probably right now. Toodles!



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