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Put Down the Sports Drinks—or Else.

With all of this working out, I’ve been more creative with my Gatorade choices. The purple one is my fave. Well, as it turns out, they aren’t so great. For your body or your skin. This new trainer told me to skip the sports drinks while I’m toning up if I want to avoid breakouts.

If you’re like me, I reach for a Gatorade after a killer workout or a “rough night”. These drinks have the sodium and potassium that your body needs when you get overheated, BUT, they also contain astronomical levels of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, glucose and fructose. And sugar, of any kind, can and will override any skin treatment efforts.

Sugar harms my skin? Yes. See, if you have a rise in blood sugar, it sticks to the collagen, making the skin very stiff and inflexible. If this happens, you’re looking at more dryness in your skin as well as deeper wrinkles and premature aging. Yikes. But, it gets worse: the internal inflammation can cause deterioration of the brain and heart.


But wait…there’s more. The artificial flavoring and coloring are another issue. Those drinks aren’t purple and green from actual food. Yeah. Drop the PowerAde and stick with the water.


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