You’re SHEET-ING Me!

Well, I’ve finally figured out where my sister-in-law-to-be’s pimples are coming from. Call me the Sherlock Holmes of acne—because I have nailed it–her PILLOWCASES!! Yeah. When was the last time you changed your sheets?( I once caught ringworm from an old boyfriend’s sheets—he hadn’t changed them in months. True story. He’s not in the picture, anymore, for obvious reasons.)

Ok. Pillowcases and sheets—you lay on them every night. So for 5-8 hours, you sweat on them, your hair oils (dirty or not) accumulate for hours. Then you do it all over again the next night. The point is simple; you’re lying in funk every night for hours. The oil from your face (you sweat in your sleep) soaks in, along with the oil from your hair, and it all sits under your pretty lil face.

What should you do? Well, I have about 3 sets of sheets. This way you will always have a fresh sheet in the rotation, one in the laundry, in the linen closet and on the bed. I change my sheets/pillowcases weekly, and I try not to get into bed “dirty”. Start changing your sheets and pillowcases more often and you will see a difference—that’s a promise.



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