Garlic: Great for Vampires…and Pimples?

Uhmmmm. Have you heard this? Have you heard that garlic allegedly helps your acne? We had Sunday dinner at Gram’s and she dropped that little bit of knowledge for me. She said that garlic is basically a miracle food that helps everything from cold and flu to cholesterol levels, and lastly: pimples. She had me going…she even said that it could be a mosquito repellant. (For some reason, this was the sticking point for me. Well, it got me researching garlic.)

Oddly (and irritatingly) enough, my grandma was right–garlic has a killer reputation. It does have a reputation for healing the body, in fact, aged garlic has very powerful antioxidants (YAY!) that can protect our body from free radicals. Your body also recognizes garlic as an all-natural antibiotic. ALSO, this is cool, your body doesn’t build up a resistance to it, so you can always get the optimum benefit from a small dose. (Isn’t the human body amazing?)

Ok. So, I get it, garlic rules. BUT, can it treat my pimples? My grandma told me about a garlic mask. (I’m serious.) Pick up some garlic (I’m going to use organic, but that is totally up to you.) Take about eight cloves of garlic and mash it up until you have a “spreadable” paste. Rub onto your pimples and leave it sit for about 15 minutes. When your time is up, wipe off with a warm washcloth and THEN, listen up, you will neutralize your skin with a vinegar toner. (It will normalize your pH level.)

You can also use garlic as a spot treatment. Grab your cloves, mash ’em up. Dot a little of the paste on your acne and leave it on. You will be rubbing garlic into your face about twice a day. (I recommend this option for the severe cases, I can’t smell like an Italian eatery all day long.) But, then, if it works, I can swing it. 🙂

Large amounts of fresh, raw garlic can be quite smelly, it could sting your eyes, but it shouldn’t be harmful. Obviously, if it is making your skin itchy, red or burn, you should STOP using it. Also, be sure you aren’t allergic to garlic before your start–that could be a problem. 🙂



Workin’ for the Weekend

I’m stuck at the office on a Saturday, but I’m not totally bummed out about it. I had a few minutes so I wanted to update you guys.

It has finally happened–we broke up. My fiance and I have officially called it quits. No wedding, no flowers, no matching robes, it is over.

Am I sad, kind of. But it was sort of coming, it isn’t like it was totally unexpected. The problems started when I got that promotion, which I will have to fully decide on in the next few days. But, I think I may do it. It was really more my doing, he set forth an “ultimatum” and I said, ok I’m out.

He was upset, but still stood firm on not moving, and that is really the deal breaker. I can’t explain why I am so adamant on this. Well, that’s wrong. My career is blossoming, and I think my life is on a path that doesn’t include him. If I stayed and kept toiling away in my current position, I would secretly resent him. That is not fair to him. Life is changing, he isn’t coming with me–I’m glad I found out now than later on.

Now, the real question is this–will I move from the glorious state of California for the straight-laced Midwest? Time will tell. Honestly, I feel better today than I have in a reallllllllly long time. toodles

Pine Tar Soap…What the what?

Is it for you? In my mad dash to the drug store for some acne quick fixes. Let me say this–there are gadgets and lotions for any and everything. It is amazing. My head was spinning as I was standing in that aisle.

What I did notice was that everything is packaged for a doll–the pinks and oranges are everywhere and it all seems sort of elementary. What did catch my eye was a little silver box, with “olde” style writing–Pine Tar Soap. Interesting. I wandered the aisles as I researched Pine Tar Soap on my phone.

Apparently this type of soap was used for everything from ship-building to animal husbandry (you don’t want to know) because of the antimicrobial properties. Pine Tar is ideal for lots of different skin issues like psoriasis–it actually slows your body from building up the skin cells that form the scaly area.

However, it was the anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing attributes that really made me notice. Those properties make pine tar soap ideal for the treatment of eczema, hives, acne, insect bites, dandruff, contact dermatitis and seborrhea. It also helps dry out blistery rashes such as poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac. Because of that, I thought it may be awesome for the acne flare ups on my back and chest.

Here is the downside–it smells awful. I mean…ghoulishly bad. I actually bought it today anyway, I will let you know how it goes. toodles

Monthly Gifts: Acne

Not that I don’t have enough to think about–I am working through some serious PMS. Argh. A huge part of that is the rash of pimples that pops up during that time. Why?! Why does this happen? I mean, these are pimples that don’t make any sense, they are HUGE and RED and they hurt. I had a lunch meeting that I actually cancelled because of two glowing red pimples on my nose.

Well. The research says that it is all hormone-based. The theory the whole acne shakedown is because of a spike in hormones that occurs during your period. Estrogen is pumpin’ through that body, bringing instances of crying at commercials and oh–raging acne. Yeah. Cool. Not only will estrogen cause acne flare ups, it will make your face more oily and it will also make your facial hair grow faster. Being a girl is SO AWESOME!

The face will seem more oily because it is. Your “sebaceous glands” (how gross does that sound?!) are secreting twice, maybe three times the oil, it has nowhere to go and then it clogs your pores.

The only treatment seems to be oral contraceptives. And then it isn’t a sure thing. What do I suggest? Carry around some pimple wipes in your purse and swipe with reckless abandon. Then drink tons and tons of water (from my mom), and exercise from the chick at my office.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

And neither was my face. My skin has not started to show improvement…even with my new-found vigor for living clean. lol. Granted, I didn’t damage my skin overnight, so I suppose that I should keep that in mind.

I am going in for a serious facial to get me back to square one. Hopefully that will help. I am also planning on some sunshine–my aunt SWEARS that it clears up acne. I am also researching some different types of foods and veggies that can actually suck the toxins out of your system! What an awesome idea. I will get back with you after I figure it out.

I’m still sort of working things out with my fiance. I am definitely having some serious questions when it comes to our future together. If he can’t support me in this, I don’t know if we can stick it out. He is still “sticking to his guns” (I have ALWAYS hated that term) and saying that he won’t be coming with me. My company needs an answer by the end of the week. I can’t respect myself if I let one man hold me back. (Not that I won’t have other opportunities, but, the idea that he wouldn’t even discuss it is troubling.)


Hey all! Well, nothing has really changed, I’m stressed to the max, I’m still in limbo over work, my fiance and I have been fighting non-stop and my crazy aunt won’t get off my back. (I’m not laying out in the sun enough, apparently. Whatever.) Ugh. Do I even have to mention that my skin has exploded? My face is worse than ever.

Have I let my beauty routines slip? Yes. I’m getting no sleep, I’ve been living on pizza, York Peppermint Patties and Diet Coke and it is written all over my face. I don’t know how to pull out of this tailspin. I am spiraling, here, people. lol. In addition to mistreating my body, I have been shopping way way WAY too much. The past few days I have been out of control.

BUT, I’m only sharing with you because I’m done. I am all done with this pity party. The job thing will work out, my guy thing (as much as it breaks my heart) will work out or not. The most important thing for me is to get my head back in the game and see what is best for me.

I’m going to start back on my acne clear up diet, exercise routine as well as my beauty routine. (I have slept in my make up, three times this week!! Ugh, that’s like a mortal sin for my skin.) My eyes are perma-puffy, no sleep, a few in-depth cry sessions…Ugh.

Well. Today is the day. Errrr….tomorrow morning. 😉 xo

Thoughts and Prayers to Japan

Like everyone else, I have been glued to my television and laptop for constant tsunami Japan updates. Words cannot describe the type of destruction that has occurred. It seems silly to tell you how to best clean your skin today, although a skin regiment is always important, Japan has re-calibrated my “important” gauge for a little bit.

I saw a news clip of survivors who were politely lined up for food, parents holding their children for almost three hours, and with smiles on their faces, Japan citizens were left to start a “clean up”. Even in the face of such a monumental disaster, there was not one incident of  looting. They are calmly lending a hand when they can. Of course, I wonder how that would be if it happened in the US. Would we be calmly waiting for food?

Now, we are tortured with “what if” stories about the nuclear reactors, which is especially poignant because of the past nuclear nightmares Japan has endured. Leaking uranium is the latest horror…

Man, I am deeply sympathetic to the victims, as well as the people who are trying to re-assemble their lives. Words cannot express the horrific devastation and I can only be thankful for my friends and family.