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I’m Leaving on a Jet Peel

I went in for a facial yesterday; I was looking for a standard facial, no biggie. Because I’m all about skin care and the latest techniques, I looked into the Jet Peel Facial. Oh man. You’re in for a treat!


Well, luckily I was upsold to the Jet Peel Facial. It was AWESOME. With a super power jet stream, the high velocity jet will gently peel away the superficial layers of the skin—at the same time unclogging pores and removing garbage stuck in your pores. The Jet Peel also works because it is “micro-stimulating” the skin. (That means reprogramming your skin to keep producing fresh new skin cells. That’s good because fresh skin means you’re looking younger!) This treatment is also great for hydration.


Ok, I have to tell you that the treatment feels “cold”. When she did my forehead, it was like brain freeze—kind of. It wasn’t bad, just different. With facials, I assume the treatment will be hot or warm—that’s just what I would expect. Holy jeez, it felt like a rod of ice was being dragged against my skin! For the next ten minutes or so, my face felt chilled, but the results are immediate. I sat up from the chair—I looked SO refreshed and smooth. Plus, my existing pimples were smaller, less red and irritated. All around, this facial was top shelf.



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