Chasing the Coffeeberry

You can’t turn on your TV anymore without hearing about super foods or the newest antioxidants, Goji, Pomegranate, Acai—well, there’s a new one. The newest super antioxidant on the market is supposedly bringing the pain. (In a good way.)

If you’re like me, you love love LOVE that first cup of coffee every morning. I love that initial rush of energy before I tackle my email inbox. Well, did you know that the coffee bean is actually a seed that comes from the coffee cherry plant? It’s true. In the harvesting process, the seed gets picked out and the leftover fruit gets tossed because of a really short shelf life. After days of strong sun exposure, the pickers who go through the coffee cherry plants saw that their hands and exposed skin retained a smooth and oddly youthful radiance. Soon, studies revealed that the coffee cherry fruit is outrageously high in antioxidants.

The coffee cherry fruit only has trace elements of caffeine; the potency comes from a combo of plant acids. This combination is said to have an even better anti-aging capacity than other botanicals like your green tea, acai, goji berry and pomegranates. Obviously, the coffee cherry plant has been tapped by the beauty and cosmetics world because of those anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties. Apparently this coffee cherry fruit is re-growing skin cells and producing glowing skin…so where do I sign up? Keep your eyes peeled for products with coffee cherry fruit.



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