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Just Another Day in the Life…

Day 4: If you’re keeping up, I’ve cut out everything that could be potentially inflammatory to my acne. So far, so good. It hasn’t been a HUGE difference, yet, but, I’m gonna stick with it.

In fact, the “winter” weather (yes, we have winter in California!) has been hard on my skin. I’m very dry at the sides of my chin, but still have the blackheads on the nose and white heads on the chin. UGH.

I am past the point of obsessing, I think I’m just gonna have to ask my dermatologist next time I go in. Do I just have to accept it and move on or is this something that I can get a handle on? I will ask, let ya know.

In other news, the wedding is progressing well. It seems like we have drifted apart a bit, but, who knows. Maybe it is because I’ve been busy planning? I don’t know. I used to think I wanted a huge wedding, but now I am sort of re-prioritizing. It seems like spending a fortune on one day may not be the smartest idea ever. Hmmm.

Also, are you sick of Charlie Sheen yet or what?! Every time I see him he looks skinnier and more like a mental patient. I’m over it, Charlie. He has officially become the nutty guy at the party that starts out kinda funny and outrageous…but then you kind of question his grasp on reality. Uhmmm. Yeahh….winning.


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