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Change of Venue..for my life?

Hey all! Happy Saturday! Its been a weird weekend, pending a pretty significant fight with my guy. I will rewind: I have been doing really well at work, I’ve been working hard, I hit a stride and I actually have been doing really well. (I will leave out the boring details, because its kind of hard to explain, and you probably don’t care anyway.) In any event, I got a huge opportunity. Not just a promotion, but like a HUGE PROMOTION. It would shoot me up three positions….yeah. LIKE WHOA. However. It means an out of state move. Yikes.

I would be leaving my family, my friends, and after this news, possibly my fiance. Great. The biggest opportunity of my life and my guy has basically told me that he will not be coming with me if I move. Hmmm. Ok. I’m freaking out. This should be an amazing moment–and it is–for my career. But my personal life is unraveling. I haven’t told my family yet, I’m sure that’s going to be weird. I’m supposed to be excited and happy, but instead I’m just super confused and bummed out.

So, will I go it alone and move across the country, basically by myself? Or do I stay here, in my teeny cubicle and hope that maybe I will get another opportunity…sometime?


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