Thoughts and Prayers to Japan

Like everyone else, I have been glued to my television and laptop for constant tsunami Japan updates. Words cannot describe the type of destruction that has occurred. It seems silly to tell you how to best clean your skin today, although a skin regiment is always important, Japan has re-calibrated my “important” gauge for a little bit.

I saw a news clip of survivors who were politely lined up for food, parents holding their children for almost three hours, and with smiles on their faces, Japan citizens were left to start a “clean up”. Even in the face of such a monumental disaster, there was not one incident of  looting. They are calmly lending a hand when they can. Of course, I wonder how that would be if it happened in the US. Would we be calmly waiting for food?

Now, we are tortured with “what if” stories about the nuclear reactors, which is especially poignant because of the past nuclear nightmares Japan has endured. Leaking uranium is the latest horror…

Man, I am deeply sympathetic to the victims, as well as the people who are trying to re-assemble their lives. Words cannot express the horrific devastation and I can only be thankful for my friends and family.


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