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Hey all! Well, nothing has really changed, I’m stressed to the max, I’m still in limbo over work, my fiance and I have been fighting non-stop and my crazy aunt won’t get off my back. (I’m not laying out in the sun enough, apparently. Whatever.) Ugh. Do I even have to mention that my skin has exploded? My face is worse than ever.

Have I let my beauty routines slip? Yes. I’m getting no sleep, I’ve been living on pizza, York Peppermint Patties and Diet Coke and it is written all over my face. I don’t know how to pull out of this tailspin. I am spiraling, here, people. lol. In addition to mistreating my body, I have been shopping way way WAY too much. The past few days I have been out of control.

BUT, I’m only sharing with you because I’m done. I am all done with this pity party. The job thing will work out, my guy thing (as much as it breaks my heart) will work out or not. The most important thing for me is to get my head back in the game and see what is best for me.

I’m going to start back on my acne clear up diet, exercise routine as well as my beauty routine. (I have slept in my make up, three times this week!! Ugh, that’s like a mortal sin for my skin.) My eyes are perma-puffy, no sleep, a few in-depth cry sessions…Ugh.

Well. Today is the day. Errrr….tomorrow morning. 😉 xo


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