Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

And neither was my face. My skin has not started to show improvement…even with my new-found vigor for living clean. lol. Granted, I didn’t damage my skin overnight, so I suppose that I should keep that in mind.

I am going in for a serious facial to get me back to square one. Hopefully that will help. I am also planning on some sunshine–my aunt SWEARS that it clears up acne. I am also researching some different types of foods and veggies that can actually suck the toxins out of your system! What an awesome idea. I will get back with you after I figure it out.

I’m still sort of working things out with my fiance. I am definitely having some serious questions when it comes to our future together. If he can’t support me in this, I don’t know if we can stick it out. He is still “sticking to his guns” (I have ALWAYS hated that term) and saying that he won’t be coming with me. My company needs an answer by the end of the week. I can’t respect myself if I let one man hold me back. (Not that I won’t have other opportunities, but, the idea that he wouldn’t even discuss it is troubling.)


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