Monthly Gifts: Acne

Not that I don’t have enough to think about–I am working through some serious PMS. Argh. A huge part of that is the rash of pimples that pops up during that time. Why?! Why does this happen? I mean, these are pimples that don’t make any sense, they are HUGE and RED and they hurt. I had a lunch meeting that I actually cancelled because of two glowing red pimples on my nose.

Well. The research says that it is all hormone-based. The theory the whole acne shakedown is because of a spike in hormones that occurs during your period. Estrogen is pumpin’ through that body, bringing instances of crying at commercials and oh–raging acne. Yeah. Cool. Not only will estrogen cause acne flare ups, it will make your face more oily and it will also make your facial hair grow faster. Being a girl is SO AWESOME!

The face will seem more oily because it is. Your “sebaceous glands” (how gross does that sound?!) are secreting twice, maybe three times the oil, it has nowhere to go and then it clogs your pores.

The only treatment seems to be oral contraceptives. And then it isn’t a sure thing. What do I suggest? Carry around some pimple wipes in your purse and swipe with reckless abandon. Then drink tons and tons of water (from my mom), and exercise from the chick at my office.


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