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Workin’ for the Weekend

I’m stuck at the office on a Saturday, but I’m not totally bummed out about it. I had a few minutes so I wanted to update you guys.

It has finally happened–we broke up. My fiance and I have officially called it quits. No wedding, no flowers, no matching robes, it is over.

Am I sad, kind of. But it was sort of coming, it isn’t like it was totally unexpected. The problems started when I got that promotion, which I will have to fully decide on in the next few days. But, I think I may do it. It was really more my doing, he set forth an “ultimatum” and I said, ok I’m out.

He was upset, but still stood firm on not moving, and that is really the deal breaker. I can’t explain why I am so adamant on this. Well, that’s wrong. My career is blossoming, and I think my life is on a path that doesn’t include him. If I stayed and kept toiling away in my current position, I would secretly resent him. That is not fair to him. Life is changing, he isn’t coming with me–I’m glad I found out now than later on.

Now, the real question is this–will I move from the glorious state of California for the straight-laced Midwest? Time will tell. Honestly, I feel better today than I have in a reallllllllly long time. toodles


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