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Garlic: Great for Vampires…and Pimples?

Uhmmmm. Have you heard this? Have you heard that garlic allegedly helps your acne? We had Sunday dinner at Gram’s and she dropped that little bit of knowledge for me. She said that garlic is basically a miracle food that helps everything from cold and flu to cholesterol levels, and lastly: pimples. She had me going…she even said that it could be a mosquito repellant. (For some reason, this was the sticking point for me. Well, it got me researching garlic.)

Oddly (and irritatingly) enough, my grandma was right–garlic has a killer reputation. It does have a reputation for healing the body, in fact, aged garlic has very powerful antioxidants (YAY!) that can protect our body from free radicals. Your body also recognizes garlic as an all-natural antibiotic. ALSO, this is cool, your body doesn’t build up a resistance to it, so you can always get the optimum benefit from a small dose. (Isn’t the human body amazing?)

Ok. So, I get it, garlic rules. BUT, can it treat my pimples? My grandma told me about a garlic mask. (I’m serious.) Pick up some garlic (I’m going to use organic, but that is totally up to you.) Take about eight cloves of garlic and mash it up until you have a “spreadable” paste. Rub onto your pimples and leave it sit for about 15 minutes. When your time is up, wipe off with a warm washcloth and THEN, listen up, you will neutralize your skin with a vinegar toner. (It will normalize your pH level.)

You can also use garlic as a spot treatment. Grab your cloves, mash ’em up. Dot a little of the paste on your acne and leave it on. You will be rubbing garlic into your face about twice a day. (I recommend this option for the severe cases, I can’t smell like an Italian eatery all day long.) But, then, if it works, I can swing it. 🙂

Large amounts of fresh, raw garlic can be quite smelly, it could sting your eyes, but it shouldn’t be harmful. Obviously, if it is making your skin itchy, red or burn, you should STOP using it. Also, be sure you aren’t allergic to garlic before your start–that could be a problem. 🙂



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