Get a Suntan from your Carrots…?

Wait. You can get a suntan by eating vegetables?! Sort of. A lot of different doctors and dieticians are weighing in with some pretty interesting theories. Here’s the scoop. Skin color is produced by one of two skin pigments: melanin or beta carotene. Your skin’s color is determined by your melanin, which is determined by your genes and your sun exposure. Beta carotene is a yellow/orange pigment that you will only get if you eat it.

Consume fruits and veggies like carrots, winter squash, cantaloupe and some leafy greens, and you can warm up your skin tone. Now, this is going to impact the fair-skinned people a lot faster and a lot more intensely. No one is claiming that a few carrots will give you a St. Tropez suntan. BUT, the point is that the beta carotene is able to give skin a new warmth that it wouldn’t normally possess.

Again, we are what we eat! This is true, and it will be visible in our skin. Beta carotene is also ideal for protecting yourself from a heart attack, stroke, cancer, and arthritis and weight control.

Make sure your fruits and veggies are super fresh—beta carotene is especially fragile and it can be lost or damaged if they are processed or stored for too long. You can get more out beta carotene from your foods. If you eat them with a touch of fat or oil, your body can absorb it faster. (Oil will lube up your digestive tract.) Also, the chopped or juiced approach is a good one because it releases more of the beta carotene than in large chunks of food. Carrot juice is a great way to get a huge dose of beta carotene.

PS: Want to try it out? Ok, the best forms of beta carotene are in any of your yellow/orange vegetables: carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and winter squash. Then it can be found in the dark green and/or leafy vegetables: kale, broccoli, spinach, collard greens, turnips and their green leaves, beet leaves, mustard and dandelion greens, watercress, cilantro, chicory, endive, escarole. AND, you can find it in the yellow/orange fruits, apricots, cantaloupes, papayas, mangoes, nectarines, peaches.

So…can get you great skin color without the wrinkles? Could be. You will definitely see some benefits like, the avoidance of liver spots and premature skin aging that comes from sun tanning. Eat fruits and veggies that are high in beta carotene for the best skin color of all.

Try it out!!



Spring Cleaning…for your Skin

Winter is over! Spring is officially here and it is time to throw open the windows and clean up your skin! We all do it, cover up our bodies in long sleeves and pants all winter long. Out of sight out of mind–we don’t moisturize as much because it’s COLD! Who wants to put on cold lotion after a hot shower, then wait for it to soak in?! Plus, your feet turn into little hooves–overgrown cuticles and long nails. Yikes.

Well. The time has come. Rejuvenate! I like to scrub down, from elbows to toes, exfoliate with a medium grit type of scrubber. Slough off all of those dead skin cells. Then, cover yourself in a medium lotion. (Save the lightweight stuff for the summer months.)

You know that old wives tale about Vaseline being THE best moisturizer? Yeah, its true. Take your clean, scrubbed feet and cover them in Vaseline, then put on some white socks. Pretty much overnight, you will see a huge difference in your skin–making your pedicure that much more bearable…and a lot less embarrassing. (Personally, I don’t like sleeping in socks, I will just do the Vaseline Treatment right before I work out, it works.)

Been Awhile

Hey there! It has definitely been a minute since I last checked in–sorry! But, I do have some serious updates. I have been staying inside my routine–exercise and proper diet. I have also been using the Pine Tar Soap, and I have to say–this stuff is pretty nice! I think I may step up my game with some better exfoliation before summer comes, but otherwise, Pine Tar is great so far. In fact, I’m going to mix up a dose of that lemon and sugar scrub that I was raving about.

I have also worked in an oral Vitamin E dose everyday. I know it sounds nuts, but I feel like it gives me a special glow. You know that Photoshop effect–the Glow Tool? lol. I feel like does that to my skin in real life. I know it sounds dumb, but I’m serious.

Let’s see, what else, nothing much, just got back into my regular waxing regiment, maybe this will be the summer that I stay shave free! I love waxing but I have to watch for the ingrown hairs. My skin is pretty sensitive, so scrubbing before hand is a must.

The summer is almost here, well out here at least, but soon we can talk summer skin care treats.


xo xo

Pimple Pointers: Summer Edition

Summer is coming—for me that means another season of pimples in weird spots and trying to figure out new and exciting ways to hide them. Yuck. Well, with these lil pointers, you can battle your zits and still wear your favorite tank tops.

My aunt has always said that sun will “dry up” my zits. This is debatable, I do see a little bit of change, but not as much as I’d like. I am not 19 anymore, so premature aging is an issue. I try to stay out of the sun, which will limit your sunburns and the dry/peeling phase. Plus, sunscreen plugs up my pores. I know they say it doesn’t, but for me, it is an issue.

Oddly enough, moisturizing is a great way to keep your skin in balance. Do NOT use your winter lotion in the summer. You should have a super light go-to moisturizer for your summer days. I try to fully moisturize at night before bed. Also, if you apply a bit of petroleum jelly over your trouble spots, you can wake up to SUPER soft skin in the morning.

Keep your skin in shape with a good weekly scrubbing. Products with jojoba beads are useful—they will “scrape” off the dead skin cells while not damaging your pores. We will be sweating more in the upcoming summer months, make sure your pores are open and able to push out your toxins. If you were to dust a bit of talcum powder over your most sweaty areas—you can prevent acne to come.



xo xo


More All Natural Cures and Prevention for Acne


How do you treat your acne from the inside out? Chances are if you’re seeing acne, you could feel like it is too late. Topical treatments only go so far, if you really want to target your problem, start INSIDE. You can up your intake of vitamins and minerals. Some of these nutrients have been shown to reduce acne issues. Vitamin A, Niacin, Zinc, and Vitamin E have been proven effective in curing acne.

Citrus is going to be your new best friend. Grab a plastic container; throw some orange peel and a bit of water in there. Pound that orange peel and apply the water right to your affected acne areas. Straight up lemon juice has also been beneficial. (If you are shopping for products, look for citrus agents. However, I have found there is nothing better than the real thing.)


Mint is good. Start with a clean face, and, before bed, mix up some mint juice and a pinch of turmeric powder. When the mixture is a paste-consistency, you are ready to apply like a mask. You can leave it on overnight and wash it off in the morning. This one is especially good for those blackheads. (Not great for your pillowcases…)

CUCUMBER! I cannot stress enough how great cucumber is for your face. Use it for puffy eyes, dark circles and acne. Grate some fresh cucumber for a mask, slap it on for fifteen minutes and you’re ready to roll. It is mild as well, you can use it daily.

See. You can have gorgeous skin with one trip through your fridge and medicine cabinet.


Aspirin Mask for Red, Irritated Acne

Aspirin as a facial mask…I’m intrigued. I continue to say that with all of the drugstore acne products out there are iffy. At best. They seem to be loaded with chemicals and they are always too harsh, for me anyway.

If you have sworn off the quick fix, or the latest teen pimple treatments, get ready to listen. I have devoted my free time to researching different types of acne treatments. Pimples are embarrassing enough, without the scarring and redness that follows your eruption. Did you know that Aspirin can help?

Here’s how you make your Aspirin Mask.

Start with a clean, just washed face. This will ensure that your face is free of oil and that your pores are open and ready. Take about 10 of the uncoated aspirin tablets and crush them into a fine powder in a small bowl. As you crush, add enough water to make a creamy paste. (Make sure you are crushing into a fine powder.)

Take your creamy mask and apply evenly to your face, neck, chest, back, etc. You will allow the face mask to set for ten to fifteen minutes before you rinse with lukewarm water. Follow with a toner to close up pores.

Be advised, this mask can be drying if your skin is ultra sensitive or if you use this mask more than once a week. If you DO have sensitive skin, rinse the mask immediately if you have any discomfort or burning. (Burning is rare, but protect that delicate skin! Only leave mask on for five to seven minutes.)

This mask is awesome if you need a spot treatment, as well. You can crush up two or three of the uncoated Aspirins. You will use less water, as this must be a thick paste. Dot a little of the paste on each pimple and allow it to set for thirty minutes. Rinse, tone and pat dry.

You will follow up this mask with a light moisturizer. Clean, pure aloe vera gel is your best bet.

Yay! The Aspirin Mask, go forth and beautify.


Xo xo


Healing your Popped Pimple

Ok, you popped it. Now what? It is red and irritated, swollen and maybe painful. Here are some clever ways to heal up your popped pimple by using the stuff you already have on hand.

First—toothpaste can work. Squeeze a bit of paste onto your CLEAN finger or a Q-tip and apply. The toothpaste dries and overnight, it will decrease the inflammation as it sucks the pus out of the pimple.

This one is a family favorite, Baking Soda! (My dad used to make a paste for my mosquito bites—it worked like a charm.) Throw some of the baking soda into a little bowl; add some water until you get a thick paste. The baking soda has a drying effect; it will bring down that redness and dry out the “ooze”.

Another idea includes the all-purpose white vinegar, moisten a cotton ball and apply to the pimple. The vinegar acts as an acid to dissolve the pus that can still be left inside. The pimple will reduce faster, because the pore is clean and empty.

Ice—duh. Rub an ice cube over any and all red areas of your face. Obviously, the redness will disappear because the ice is cold.

Lastly, this could be a surprise: Visine or any other eye redness reduction drops. Just squirt a couple drops of the Visine on the areas in question. The eye drops work because they restrict blood vessels in the eyes to reduce bloodshot eyes. It works the same way on your skin on your face. The drops don’t really heal the pimple, but it will reduce your areas of redness.

Done and done.


Xo xo