Squeaky Clean Skin…Updates

Update on the Pine Tar Soap: so far so, good. It makes my skin silky smooth, it feels SO clean afterwards! It is crazy. I think it has cut down on some of my bacne, as well. Which is AWESOME!

I tried the Garlic Mash Facial, too. Interesting. I used the organic garlic, it definitely dried out my acne. Who knows if it will stay away or what…My skin has been rebounding, the past week or so really flared up my acne. I am employing discipline and of course, sleeping a lot more.

Let’s see…other updates, OH. I’m staying in town. Yeah, I am not taking that job cross-country. It was really my grandmother that pushed me over the edge. I can’t leave her! Or my mom and my friends. My career is still in tact, I am going to just wait for another opportunity. I hope I’m making the right decision.

My boyfriend and I are still over. Meh. I’m bummed, but whatevs. We’re slowly separating out dvd collections, and wondering who’s going to get the dog. I’m sad, but I’m also very relieved. Things are great overall. I am staying in tonight, catching up with some old episodes of Gossip Girl. Yay!




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