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Summer’s Coming…

Spring has sprung, and summer is right around the corner. Should be fun, right? Maybe not. I’m dealing with some serious body acne. My new work out regiment has yielded a ring of bumps on my back and at my bra line. (You know, the bra strap part? Yuck.) They are even starting to make their way to my chest and cleavage. DOUBLE yuck.

What now? I have literally tried every drug store remedy on the shelf. Now I am considering the big guns–the serious “grown up” acne treatments. I am thinking that a good few rounds of exfoliation and toning should do the trick. But, where to start?

I am considering some more gentle and organic products, but who knows. I’m open to suggestions, email me! But as of right now, I am going to hit the internet hard, looking for ideas. So far, I have been trying to find more body washes with alpha hydroxy–it serves to keep your skin cells turning over. ALSO, benzoyl peroxide is a MUST. You need the benzoyl peroxide because of it’s peeling, bacteria-killing, and cleansing properties. Perhaps I will treat myself to a special spa scrub. (Just so they can get all of the spots that I can’t reach…)

I will let you know!



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