Practice Safe Squeezing

We all do it. Popping, squeezing, picking, whatever you call it, we are all guilty. I can honestly say that I do not always practice safe popping. Too many times I have used my unwashed hands to strike down a surprise invader as I passed a mirror. Yeah. We all know it is bad, but do you know why? Well, you are deliberately breaking your skin, this means you can infect surrounding skin with bacteria, you could get a scar, or maybe the pus will get sucked back into your system and spread—causing more pimples. Since we all do it, let’s learn the right way.

First and foremost: WASH YOUR HANDS—all the way, no cheating. (That means under your nails!) Try not to actually touch the pimple, but if you do, your hands will be clean. Now you’re going to gently exfoliate the pimple. NO loofahs, no scratchy scrubbers they will scrape it up too much. Just use a lil bit of your facial scrub to loosen and remove those dead skin cells. Which is good, you want to make it as easy as possible to “liberate” the…ahem…material. Just gently rub the pimple for a minute or two.

Ok, now it is showtime. Start by putting on some disposable rubber gloves, or just do what everyone does–use two tissues. You will be careful to wrap both fingers in tissues to save your skin from damage from your fingers and fingernails. (It also acts as a barrier for flying objects.) Now, using your FINGERTIPS (not the nails) apply pressure at the edges where it is needed. (If you push in other places, you can bruise yourself and also create unnecessary irritation.) This first round of pushing will only serve to show you the “middle” of the pimple. The pressure will identify your “head”, showing you where to direct your attention.

After a brief round of firm pushing, you will find the exact middle, the highest point. Using the highest point, you will plant your finger pads on each side. Instead of pushing in, PULL the skin apart. The skin will part easily, as it has been exfoliated. The pus should be able to come out as you are pulling apart. At this point, massage the skin around your pimple in question, allowing the pus to exit. Make sure you are quick with a tissue to blot away that pus. There should be no bleeding at all. If there is, you have squeezed too much. This could turn into a scar.

Wipe clean with an antiseptic solution or a toner of some sort. It is important that you keep the area clean, as the bacteria that come out can infect your surrounding skin. OR it can seep back in to the break in the skin that you just created. You can also swipe on a benzoyl peroxide acne treatment right on top of the former pimple. This can help you suck out and kill the last of the bacteria inside the pore.

So. There we go, you’re ready to roll. Now, you must remember that a good routine is better than any of your best popping sessions. Your skin will be red and inflamed no matter how careful you are. Plus, if you’re like me, the stuff inside of pimples (shudder) grosses me out. :/

Since I am officially grossed out, how many times does one person need to write the word “pus”, I will save the rest for tomorrow. I will tell you how to better heal your red and swollen skin from your anxious pimple popping fingers. I have some killer remedies, most of them you can make with everyday household items.




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  1. Wow- very informative. If only I’d known this back in high school!

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