Healing your Popped Pimple

Ok, you popped it. Now what? It is red and irritated, swollen and maybe painful. Here are some clever ways to heal up your popped pimple by using the stuff you already have on hand.

First—toothpaste can work. Squeeze a bit of paste onto your CLEAN finger or a Q-tip and apply. The toothpaste dries and overnight, it will decrease the inflammation as it sucks the pus out of the pimple.

This one is a family favorite, Baking Soda! (My dad used to make a paste for my mosquito bites—it worked like a charm.) Throw some of the baking soda into a little bowl; add some water until you get a thick paste. The baking soda has a drying effect; it will bring down that redness and dry out the “ooze”.

Another idea includes the all-purpose white vinegar, moisten a cotton ball and apply to the pimple. The vinegar acts as an acid to dissolve the pus that can still be left inside. The pimple will reduce faster, because the pore is clean and empty.

Ice—duh. Rub an ice cube over any and all red areas of your face. Obviously, the redness will disappear because the ice is cold.

Lastly, this could be a surprise: Visine or any other eye redness reduction drops. Just squirt a couple drops of the Visine on the areas in question. The eye drops work because they restrict blood vessels in the eyes to reduce bloodshot eyes. It works the same way on your skin on your face. The drops don’t really heal the pimple, but it will reduce your areas of redness.

Done and done.


Xo xo


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