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Aspirin Mask for Red, Irritated Acne

Aspirin as a facial mask…I’m intrigued. I continue to say that with all of the drugstore acne products out there are iffy. At best. They seem to be loaded with chemicals and they are always too harsh, for me anyway.

If you have sworn off the quick fix, or the latest teen pimple treatments, get ready to listen. I have devoted my free time to researching different types of acne treatments. Pimples are embarrassing enough, without the scarring and redness that follows your eruption. Did you know that Aspirin can help?

Here’s how you make your Aspirin Mask.

Start with a clean, just washed face. This will ensure that your face is free of oil and that your pores are open and ready. Take about 10 of the uncoated aspirin tablets and crush them into a fine powder in a small bowl. As you crush, add enough water to make a creamy paste. (Make sure you are crushing into a fine powder.)

Take your creamy mask and apply evenly to your face, neck, chest, back, etc. You will allow the face mask to set for ten to fifteen minutes before you rinse with lukewarm water. Follow with a toner to close up pores.

Be advised, this mask can be drying if your skin is ultra sensitive or if you use this mask more than once a week. If you DO have sensitive skin, rinse the mask immediately if you have any discomfort or burning. (Burning is rare, but protect that delicate skin! Only leave mask on for five to seven minutes.)

This mask is awesome if you need a spot treatment, as well. You can crush up two or three of the uncoated Aspirins. You will use less water, as this must be a thick paste. Dot a little of the paste on each pimple and allow it to set for thirty minutes. Rinse, tone and pat dry.

You will follow up this mask with a light moisturizer. Clean, pure aloe vera gel is your best bet.

Yay! The Aspirin Mask, go forth and beautify.


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