Pimple Pointers: Summer Edition

Summer is coming—for me that means another season of pimples in weird spots and trying to figure out new and exciting ways to hide them. Yuck. Well, with these lil pointers, you can battle your zits and still wear your favorite tank tops.

My aunt has always said that sun will “dry up” my zits. This is debatable, I do see a little bit of change, but not as much as I’d like. I am not 19 anymore, so premature aging is an issue. I try to stay out of the sun, which will limit your sunburns and the dry/peeling phase. Plus, sunscreen plugs up my pores. I know they say it doesn’t, but for me, it is an issue.

Oddly enough, moisturizing is a great way to keep your skin in balance. Do NOT use your winter lotion in the summer. You should have a super light go-to moisturizer for your summer days. I try to fully moisturize at night before bed. Also, if you apply a bit of petroleum jelly over your trouble spots, you can wake up to SUPER soft skin in the morning.

Keep your skin in shape with a good weekly scrubbing. Products with jojoba beads are useful—they will “scrape” off the dead skin cells while not damaging your pores. We will be sweating more in the upcoming summer months, make sure your pores are open and able to push out your toxins. If you were to dust a bit of talcum powder over your most sweaty areas—you can prevent acne to come.



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