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Been Awhile

Hey there! It has definitely been a minute since I last checked in–sorry! But, I do have some serious updates. I have been staying inside my routine–exercise and proper diet. I have also been using the Pine Tar Soap, and I have to say–this stuff is pretty nice! I think I may step up my game with some better exfoliation before summer comes, but otherwise, Pine Tar is great so far. In fact, I’m going to mix up a dose of that lemon and sugar scrub that I was raving about.

I have also worked in an oral Vitamin E dose everyday. I know it sounds nuts, but I feel like it gives me a special glow. You know that Photoshop effect–the Glow Tool? lol. I feel like does that to my skin in real life. I know it sounds dumb, but I’m serious.

Let’s see, what else, nothing much, just got back into my regular waxing regiment, maybe this will be the summer that I stay shave free! I love waxing but I have to watch for the ingrown hairs. My skin is pretty sensitive, so scrubbing before hand is a must.

The summer is almost here, well out here at least, but soon we can talk summer skin care treats.


xo xo


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