Spring Cleaning…for your Skin

Winter is over! Spring is officially here and it is time to throw open the windows and clean up your skin! We all do it, cover up our bodies in long sleeves and pants all winter long. Out of sight out of mind–we don’t moisturize as much because it’s COLD! Who wants to put on cold lotion after a hot shower, then wait for it to soak in?! Plus, your feet turn into little hooves–overgrown cuticles and long nails. Yikes.

Well. The time has come. Rejuvenate! I like to scrub down, from elbows to toes, exfoliate with a medium grit type of scrubber. Slough off all of those dead skin cells. Then, cover yourself in a medium lotion. (Save the lightweight stuff for the summer months.)

You know that old wives tale about Vaseline being THE best moisturizer? Yeah, its true. Take your clean, scrubbed feet and cover them in Vaseline, then put on some white socks. Pretty much overnight, you will see a huge difference in your skin–making your pedicure that much more bearable…and a lot less embarrassing. (Personally, I don’t like sleeping in socks, I will just do the Vaseline Treatment right before I work out, it works.)


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