America Disposes of bin Laden

Holy jeez! You probably already heard that bin Laden was killed. I didn’t catch Obama’s address last night, our cable is all messed up, but I did catch up today. Wow! What a historical day!

Already people are starting in on the conspiracy theory deal–people saying he’s not dead, others saying that it doesn’t matter if he’s dead or not. I’m not big on the conspiracy theory groups, but I do think that we don’t get the whole story. I think that the news tells you what you’re supposed to know. I’m not laying that out as a bad thing, I just think that our opinions and information are shaped controlled, perhaps more than you know.

Obama says he’s dead, he says that America is a better place. Does this mean that war is over? How will this work? Does this mean that retaliation is imminent? Yikes.

Sept 11 was almost ten years ago, most people remember exactly where they were and how they felt. As the information started coming, things got cloudy and we went to war. Many people feel like we never got the full story. No one is saying that killing bin Laden is a way to make everything ok.

I just wonder what’s next? Will the world go back to being the idyllic place we once knew?


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