Here Comes the Sun…BURN

Sunburns…are the worst! The sunshine is getting serious— at least out here. There are tons of outdoor concerts, and it seems that I’m eating outside all the time! (I’m not complaining about beautiful weather, don’t get me wrong.) But, I do have to be especially careful about the skin I do take in. I typically don’t leave the house without sunblock, but sometimes it is unavoidable.

First, understand that sunburns go deeper as time goes on. Yeah, that is why you may not feel like you got any sun, but then two hours later, you’re a lobster! The first steps start with the internal machine—you must rehydrate immediately. This will help your body recover from the inside out, and then you can work on the outside. You can work with homemade solutions to treat your skin and to restore the pH balance, which is slightly acidic. Recalibrate your skin’s pH is with apple cider vinegar, it will knock out the burn. The next step is the aloe vera, it will take longer to “soothe” than over the counter creams, but it will relieve the pain. You will apply aloe vera on the hour.

With some vinegar and aloe vera, you will repair your damaged skin and you will also ensure a rapid turnover of new skin cells. In many cases, the dreaded “peeling” stage can be avoided because of the apple cider vinegar. Even if the sun hasn’t shown its face in your area yet, you will be armed with the information that you need. Plus, never forget that prevention is the best medicine.


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