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What is Phototherapy?

Phototherapy or Light Therapy is being used to treat acne. What is Phototherapy? The concept uses the idea that you can kill the bacteria that actually causes your acne, this is done before it ever sees the light of day. It will also stimulate your skin to create new skin cells faster.

The treatment will use light wave machines to create different types of light waves. Depending on your problems, they will create narrow, light wave spectrums, special, high-intensity Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) that your skin cells will absorb. Then, the light is converted into chemical energy. This gets the skin moving at a cellular level.

The light waves are precise; they get under the skin to kill the acne causing bacteria. It is supposed to do so without causing dryness/redness. It is supposed to be painless, too. Some of the light waves are powerful enough to get to the collagen producing level—that gets your cell growth going, giving you the renewal that you want.

I have read that most people see the results after about a week of these daily treatments. If you have the reallllly bad acne, it could be more like a month of treatments. I am pretty curious about this therapy…has anyone had it?



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