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Ahhhh Spr-ummer.

Sprummer. It’s a hybrid of Spring and Summer–in case you didn’t get that. The weather is amazing–it’s the kind of weather that makes you want to be outside EVERY SECOND. It’s sunshiny, but still cool. I have been enjoying the sun and cool sprummer breezes that come with it. I’ve been super active, running, biking, hiking. I even have a little bike basket so I can bring my dog with me on bike rides. (Yeah, I’m THAT guy. lol.) I will get you a pic–it’s awesome. lol.

It also seems like everyone is having barbecues and back yard parties! I love this in between, not sweltering but not too cold for a tank top. I’ve also been looking around for the best sunblock, now I just use whatever I can find over 35SPF. They say that they can’t prove that the sunblock doesn’t work harder over 35. But, I know if I’m covered in a 50SPF, I can keep my complexion lighter–and protected!

So, I’m really just rambling. I will be back on track later this week–forecast calls for rain. Boooo! Right now I’m just loving the outdoors. I am going to do some research on the best bug sprays and sunblock. Once I get indoors, I will begin reading more.

I hope you’re enjoying your Sprummer! lol



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