Riveted by the Casey Anthony Case

SO sorry I haven’t been really posting lately. I have been consumed by this Casey Anthony case. Casey Anthony is the chick from Orlando whose daughter disappeared. Her daughter, Caylee, was supposedly kidnapped by a nanny, Casey waited for almost a month before she reported her toddler missing.

THEN, the little girl’s body turns up in an old pet cemetery only fifteen houses from Casey Anthony’s home. The little girl’s body was inspected, it had duct tape across the mouth with a little heart sticker in the middle of the duct tape. Then all this stuff comes up, suggesting that Casey had something to do with the whole situation.

Police found that Casey had lied about the nanny–she didn’t even exist! Yikes. Then it was found that Casey had also lied about the date that Caylee went missing, she originally said July 1. Later, it was revealed that this was not true–her mother had taken Caylee to see her great grandfather on July 15.

Casey Anthony’s behavior was also quite bizarre while her daughter was missing. She was involved in a “Hot Body Contest” and spent a lot of time club hopping. She lied to all of her friends and family until she was fully confronted by her mother.

I have been streaming the trial all day long, if you have questions, email me. lol.



One Response

  1. She was last seen alive on June 16, 2008 when Casey and Caylee left her parents home, George Anthony was the last one to see Caylee alive.

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