Summer Acne Tricks

Ok. So now it is seriously summer! The sun is hot hot, and you are sweating like an animal! If you’re doing anything even remotely active outside, sweat is going to be a big part of your day. Well, if you are acne prone, like me, you’re going to have to adopt an entirely new and separate type of routine for the next few months. Your skin is going crazy—transitioning from indoor dry heat to outdoor humidity, sunshine, heat and sweat. People swear that sunshine can dry up acne. Well, sure, sunlight burns off the top skin layer, initially treating acne, but sunlight becomes more harmful than beneficial. While your acne will initially disappear, it is coming back in the near future.

Increased possibility of acne breakouts is a sad state of affairs—you can’t rock your sexy two piece if you are covered in pimples. UGH. Well, you also can’t maintain your youthful look if you bake your face in sunshine every day. NOW WHAT? Well, with a regular routine you can hold steady in the sun and sweat.

First, you’re going to look for a sunscreen that is non-oily and non-comedogenic, that means it won’t clog up those pores. Choose one that serves your skin’s needs, as far as protection levels. Feel free to try a few different types out. Many facial lotions come with SPF built in, but don’t skimp on an all over sunscreen.

Regardless of your activities, you’re going to sweat. Sweat and acne are BFF’s. Sweat clogs your pores, invites sebum to sleep over and now you have a serious break out. Because you’re sweaty, you’re wiping your skin, so now extra dirt and free radicals are being driven into your pores. Yeah—it’s a vicious circle. Try carrying non-drying acne wipes in these summer months. They will give your skin a lil zing, and they will remove the dirt and sweat that would normally cause pimples. You may have to touch up your make up, but, if you can wear less because of clear skin—you’ll be stoked. People tell me to wash my face more in the summer. Huh? Yeah, duh. However, if you’re washing your face every ten minutes, your face is drying out big time.

Another few helpful anti acne summer tricks, keep your hair out of your face! Product from your hair is in a constant state of flux, due to hot weather. They rub against your skin, slowly depositing a lil hairspray here, a swipe of pomade there into your pores. Yuck. Also, make sure you are keeping your cell phone clean. You hold it against your face, dummy! Wipe it down with some Windex from time to time. And, as always, switch your pillowcases at least once a week—more if you don’t sleep with the air conditioning on at night.



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