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Grandma’s Summer Acne Advice

If you know my Grandmother, you know that she is headstrong and stubborn. She and I regularly discuss skin care; some of her advice is usable, some not so much. We were chatting about summer skin care and she had some interesting advice.

First, she says to stay out of the heat. Easy enough, right? I sort of agree, you get all sticky and you feel “dirty.” So, use your car’s and your home’s air conditioning. Stay cool, avoid frustration and break outs.

The next one is a good one, she says “wash your face…but don’t wash your face.” Uhm. Yeah—gotta love Gram Gram. She means that you don’t have to wash your face with soap to get the advantages of washing your face. Carry those pimple pads and give yourself a swipe during the day. Or you can just splash some cool water to wash away the extra oil, sweat or dirt that is on your face. Granted, you will have to fix up your make up, but, hey.

Next, she says always drink something cool—it is like air conditioning for your insides. Lastly, mentally prepare yourself to be ok with being sweaty and sticky. I know it sucks, but if you can get over it, you will be less self conscious and less stressed. Take it in stride and cool off at every opportunity you get.

There ya go—my grandma’s advice. Enjoy.




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