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Treating Acne Scars

Ice pick scars can be difficult to manage and remove. However, they are best handled with processes like punch excision and punch grafting. During punch excision treatment a small, cookie cutter-like tool is used to cut out individual scars. The small wound can be closed using steri-strips, sutures, or skin glue such as Dermabond. Once healed, the skin is smoother and more even in texture. In the punch graft, the process is similar, but, a piece of skin is taken from the ear and actually adhered over the scar. The skin grows over, creating a smoother surface.

For boxcar scars, the process is similar, but a doctor can actually “fill” the hole. These processes leave a small scar, but less noticeable than the original. Resurfacing and dermal fillers will also be an option.

When dealing with the Keloid scars, regeneration needs to be the main priority. In some cases, a doctor can inject the site with steroids will strip down and flatten the scar, they can also soften. When dealing with rolling scars, the best bet is subcision. Subcision is a process in which the doctor will “free up” the compacted, scarred tissue beneath the dermis. They do this with a needle or surgical scissors to separate the dermis from the subcutaneous tissue after topical anesthetic is applied to the treatment area. You could have some minor bruising in the affected area.


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