Skipping Foundation–Yes We Can!!

Think about it—could you conceivably skip your foundation? If it meant that you’d save a few minutes in the morning, if you knew your skin could breathe all day long, could you do it? I don’t wear foundation—ever! I have tried numerous different types—they all make my face feel hot. I know—its weird. I also think that it makes some women look older.

Consider skipping the foundation or at least switching to an oil free formula. I think you’d see your acne clearing up a bit. Your skin gets to breathe and you don’t have to suffer through another day of makeup meltdown.

If you ABsolutely will NOT sacrifice your foundation, maybe you can lighten it up a bit. Use an oil free moisturizer to slightly dilute it, giving a thin veil of coverage. Or you can opt for a tinted, oil free moisturizer if you just can’t go nude. Sure, you can still make your touch up’s with your concealer, I’m not trying to ruin your life, here. J I think with a good swipe of bronzer and some great concealer, you’ll never even notice that your foundation is missing. BUT, you might notice that your pimples, zits and acne are quite NOTICEABLY missing…


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