Summer Nostalgia

You can’t live through the summer and not be nostalgic at some point. Anything can trigger it, a whiff of sunscreen, or the obligatory bag of Sun Chips that we took with us to every beach day. My brother and I had the most wonderful summers, full of silly mid-afternoon soap operas, backyard gardens and creaky tire swings. It was those summer moments that come flooding back every year.

You never know when it will happen which makes it so much more special. Yesterday, it grabbed me while I was sitting outside, waiting for my do to “do his business.” I was initially in a hurry; of course I had stuff to do. But then, mysteriously, a tiny organic glow switched on. It happened again…it was the delightful flicker of lightning bugs.  I loved catching those things! Instantly, I was sucked back in time to rinse out salsa jars reclaimed to be little holding tanks for those lightning bugs. I was rocketed back to the summers of kiddie pools and crust less sandwiches.

Summer breezes and impromptu picnics will always be on the tip of my brain. I love summer, even when the sweat is dripping down my back. Moments like these make me forget everything, even summer skincare. Just take a minute to forget your pimples or your acne and just remember what it was like to be a carefree child of summer.


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