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Acne, Wrinkles and Weak Bones…Send Help!

Acne is just one aspect of skin care, actually retaining a youthful look is a whole new can of worms. As women, we are held to a higher standard than men–we are not allowed to age, apparently. Well, a new study just came out that links the intensity of wrinkles to bone density problems.

The study submits that depending on how many wrinkles you get and their severity is directly predictive of how low your bone density is. In short, if you get some seriously deep wrinkles at menopause, your bone density is probably pretty low. The study maintains that the skin can give you a sort of x-ray into the shape and condition of the skeletal system below.

Where’s the up side, you say? Well, this means that you can sort of self-diagnose your low bone density without those expensive tests….yay…? How does this work, you want to know? Well, the link between skin and bones is still officially unclear. However, since they are made up of the same essentials–proteins and collagen, etc, they could hold a special bond. As we age, our skin sags because of less collagen–perhaps your bones are similar.

Hmmm. Sounds like bad news and…worse news. Great–wrinkles and graham cracker bones. Sweet.

Pass the milk, please.



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