Well, that’s it. A month of court and a few hours of deliberation…and Casey Anthony is NOT GUILTY of anything except for three counts of giving false information to a police officer. Sentencing will be done on Thursday, and I would assume she will get time served for the couple of years leading up until today.

Many of us were there for every second, others just caught the nightly wrap ups. How could this have happened? Granted, it wasn’t like CSI–with a well dressed, slick and fun investigator to sit on the stand. They weren’t able to hold up pictures or fingerprints, no one had a Perry Mason moment–where someone breaks down on the stand, admitting all of their wrong-doings.

Granted, the jury only saw what happened in the court room, they didn’t have access to the rest of the information that we all did. But, then maybe we as the public got carried away in the “circumstantial” evidence. Maybe we all lost our heads, swimming in a sea of too much information and cleverly cut sound bites.

Perhaps we will never know what actually happened to little Caylee Anthony, one could say that justice was not served. Who knows. But, I don’t think Casey Anthony got off easy with her Not Guilty verdict. She still has to walk around the planet, guilty or not, to face the entire world after this decision.


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