Keratosis Pilaris is NOT Acne!

If you’re living with keratosis pilaris, you know how irritating it can be. It wasn’t until recently that I was offered an explanation for the rough, tiny clusters of bumps up and down the backs of my arms. Just when I had a name–my hopes were squashed again–there is no official cure. There are legions of “treatments” that can lessen the appearance, but it takes a while and the bumps just keep coming back.

There are two major schools of thought on how to reign in KP. One side says to scrub it. SCRUB like you’ve never scrubbed before, use a loofah, use a pumice stone, get a belt sander (not really, come on). But, you get the idea–heavy exfoliation. (I am a proponent of scrubbing.) I have had some luck, and though it doesn’t disappear, at least it feels smoother.

The other side vehemently disagrees, stating that a good lotion, one high in vitamin A will do the trick. If you go to your dermatologist, they can prescribe you something like Retin-A or other medications with urea, lactic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid or tretinoin will help with the situation.

Of course, I will now be looking into how to treat Keratosis Pilaris with an all natural approach.





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