Treating your Keratosis Pilaris the Natural Way

Ok. We have established what Keratosis Pilaris actually is, and why you want to get rid of it. It is important to realize that the skin can be super inflamed and terribly uncomfortable. This can be treated with a topical steroid medication—that’s going to come from your doctor. Also, keep in mind that each case of keratosis pilaris is unique; each person has to use trial and error as far as what will work.

A simple exfoliation should be the first step for everyone with this condition; it will soften the skin and begin to reduce the clogged pores. Use a mild cleansing soap with very gentle abrasive properties—take care not to dry out your skin, just to remove the dead skin cells. Rose Hip Oil can help. Also, consider taking very tepid, very short showers and using a humidifier.

If you can, choose bath oil with Vitamin E in it. You should also make sure that you have enough of the essential fatty acids in your diet, especially Vitamin E. Vitamin E and the rest of the Omegas are going to help keep your skin turning over—an exfoliation process from the inside out. These will also help rid the body of toxins. As far as moisturizers, look for one with active enzymes in it—this will help “digest” the keratin (protein) plugs that cause the problem.






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