Self Tanner for the Acne Prone

Sure the summer has been awesome out here, but with work and stuff I haven’t really had the time to get the sun I want. I’m planning a small trip to Orlando to visit my girlfriend, I need to up my game, so to speak.

I’m going on a teeny work vacation and I am considering some self tanning options…As a person with acne-prone skin, I usually try to avoid the self tanners for the face. If I get a little sun here and there, I consider myself lucky. (Although it seems that everyone on the planet believes that the sun is the answer to fresh, clear skin, I am still unsure.)  I think that too much sun is a bad deal; the skin suffers in the long run. HOWEVER, I didn’t really consider those of you that use acne medication that can make your skin highly susceptible to sunburns, etc. When you are on medication for your acne, pick a self tanner that offers sunscreen.

If you’re like the rest of us, you have been hypnotized stay away from those types of lotions because they could make your skin break out.And you’d be right… But, there is really no reason to go without a little sun kissed color, you just have to choose wisely. Oil clogs pores and alcohol will dry you out, these are two components of pimple ridden skin. Avoid breakouts with a self tanning product that is formulated just for your face. Read the back, avoid any tanning product that has oils—vegetable or animal fats.

As far as the whole sun clears up your pimples—that debate rages on. In fact, the American Academy of Dermatology says that the sun can actually irritate your skin, bringing on more breakouts. Whatever self tanner you choose, never skimp on the sunscreen. You still need that SPF to keep your face from premature aging and all that good stuff. Keep that baby face covered with some serious SPF. One  helpful tip for your self tanner, add it in with your regular lotion and you can get a more subtle, gradual color.

OR you can just go bronzer, if you don’t want to commit to a self tanner.
A favorite bronzer can be hard to find, some are so glittery that they scream fifth grade. Others are so matte that it looks like dirt. Take your time looking, this is an important task.


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