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Coast to Coast: Airplane Acne? COME on.

Not that travelling is stressful enough–three ounces in a one quart bag? PS: a freezer bag is way more than a quart bag. Just sayin. Well. Now you can enjoy Airplane Acne…have you heard of this? Well, it isn’t as cryptic as it seems. Airplane Acne is a breakout of pimples that occurs just after you get off the plane. Here’s the deal. Travel is stressful on your body, no matter how far you’re going. However, for women travelling EAST TO WEST, airplane acne is a lot more common.

East to west air travel is more stressful on your skin because you are passing over multiple time zones, interrupting your internal clock. When you land, your body goes on a tailspin, trying to recover, to reset your internal clock. Due to this stress, your adrenal gland secretes cortisone to correct it. Every time your adrenal gland secretes the cortisone, a tiny bit of androgen, the male hormone, leaks out.

If you’re a dude, androgen is no big deal. BUT, for the ladies,  the presence of any type of male testosterone–androgen is problematic. Androgen is the chief determinate in how much your oil your sebaceous glands will let out. Androgen tells your glands to make and release more oil. So, cortisone gets released to combat stress, androgen leaks out which orders your oil glands to crank it up.

Since you can’t really control that cortisone release that begins the domino effect, you’re just going to have to focus on the things that you can control. This means making sure to keep your hands away from your face. it also means keeping up with that oil level with your carry-on oil blotting sheets or medicated pimple pads. Again, skip the makeup, it will only complicate things. Last but not least, drink lots of water. Whether you believe it or not, water is one of the best things for your skin. (Lots of water is a no fail way to keep the foundation of healthy glowing skin.) Even if you think you drink enough water–drink more.

Once you land, make sure you get some serious rest, this will help your body reset its time clock. Get ahead of your acne with some preparation and then indulge in some serious recovery time. Also, I know you’re travelling, you’re probably going to be on vacation, so you’ll be knocking back some cocktails. Avoid this for a few days–it will help. That is unfounded, but it is just my advice.

Happy Trails!



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