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Travel Can be Beautiful: Airplane Beauty Tips

Hey everyone! It has been a busy week so far. My work is sending me to Florida on Thursday for a pretty important client. Don’t worry, I will be home by Sunday, my flight leaves at 5am! Jeez. Anyway, every time I fly, I get off the airplane looking like a sea hag. It always sucks, but it seems to be inevitable, this time I decided to do some serious research—THIS TIME I will try to look a little more human.

First, before you even leave—make sure you get lots of rest. Beauty rest will give you a good base for your travel beauty; it will also kick up your immunity system. When you breathe all of that recycled air, it you can pick up something quite easily. Also, before you leave, make sure you are completely fresh faced—wash your face thoroughly. Top off with a tinted moisturizer, it will provide coverage without clogging pores. SKIP THE MAKE UP. It will add time to your pre-flight routine and it will only muck up the works anyway.

Keep your skin HYDRATED with a ton of water. This will flush your system, and help maintain during those long hours of cabin pressure. DO NOT TOUCH the salty foods, soda or alcohol. These will all dry you out. Pack a few of the anti acne medicated pads in your carry on, you will thank me. They act as an instant refresher, as well as stave off new breakouts.

As far as your hair goes, if you normally straighten it—don’t. Start with clean-ish hair, rub in some leave in conditioner and put it up in a ponytail, or a clean pin up ‘do. This way, you are getting a super solid conditioning session while you flip through Sky Mall.

If you can catch some sleep on your trip, all the better. Pack your little neck pillow, eye mask and some ear plugs for the most rest full naps. Don’t sleep the whole way if you want to put on some make up. Wait until you are close to landing to put on your face and fix your hair. Hit your cheekbones with a little cream shimmer; finish with an herbal water mist to set it. Add a pinch of color with tinted lip balm or stain. This will give you a clean, refreshed glow without looking too done up.

One last thing, if you have a long day of travel ahead of you, (I have two layovers), wear dark, stretchy colors. Here’s why—no visible coffee stains and lots of room to stretch out and get comfortable.

So, this is what my two hours of research turned up.



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