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America Hates Smokers More than…

…fat people. Yeah. Apparently, America has finally put people who smoke at the top of their “most hated” anti-fan list. Yikes. There once was a time when smoking was the coolest, most rebellious thing you could summon up to show “the man” how bad ass your were. (A little history: cigarettes were once considered a part of the WWII’s soldiers ration pack, AND menthol cigarettes were marketed to “soothe and relax” the throat. LOL.) Well, as more and more bars and other public places toss out their ashtrays, America’s sentiment toward smokers has taken a turn for the worst.  The blackout on smokers isn’t unwarranted–the health effects are widely known. In addition to health issues, your skin can suffer from smoking and even second-hand smoke.

Premature wrinkles are in your future if you insist on smoking. Trust. This is from the Mayo Clinic–pretty much the definitive answer on all things health related. Smoking will speed up your skin’s normal aging process. You will also see more wrinkling may not happen all at once, it can be stretched over a longer period of time. It doesn’t only impact your face–smoking can increase wrinkling on your INNER ARMS! Yeah, I did NOT know that. :/

But how does smoking cause wrinkles? Ok, the nicotine in cigarettes narrows your blood vessels in the outermost layers of your skin. Less blood flow means that the skin isn’t getting oxygen AND this means it’s not getting the nutrients it needs, like vitamin A. In case you’re still smoking, consider that tobacco smoke damages your collagen and elastin–the stuff that makes your skin that bouncy, stretchy elasticity. With less collagen/elastin–your skin is saggy and will wrinkle faster.

Think about not smoking. Today.

Your pretty face will thank you.



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